Indiesew Fall Collection


Guess what time it is? If you guessed hammertime unfortunately you’re wrong. Well maybe not, cause it’s always hammer time in my house. However if you guessed it was time for the Indiesew Fall Collection, well guess what, you’re in luck because you’re right.


(excuse these really horrible indoor pictures… I wasn’t feeling too well and also currently upstate)

There’s really no need to describe what Indiesew Fall Collection entails of, because of it’s popularity amongst us seamstresses but for those that are unaware, every season Allie from Indiesew puts together a capsule collection from new patterns in her store. The collection can be purchased at a discounted price since they’re bundled together… which in my opinion is a pretty good deal, especially if you’re trying to get together new staple pieces.

This is my second time joining the tour, and probably my favorite of them all because of the pieces that I got to pick and sew up.

The first is the Beatrix blouse by Made by Rae, a woven blouse with a buttoned center back closure, two hem options, and two sleeve options. Because it’s me and I like to take creative liberties on basically everything in life, I made some changes to make the blouse a little bit more unique to me. Instead of creating the back button down band (which mind you, is on the queue to make) I created an inverted pleat on the back. I have a shirt from HM with similar back detail that I really wanted to create and thought it would be perfect for this pattern since my choice of fabric was peachskin.


Last shirt I made using a Made by Rae pattern (also on my last Indiesew tour) I opted to use the pattern piece made for C/D busts and it turned out a bit too big. I went with the A/B front pattern piece and was happier with the fit. The thing I really like about these patterns is obviously the option to choose a front bodice according to your bust size, which means skipping FBA’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that, ha!). For my next shirt, I’m thinking using something a bit less stable like this black cotton eyelet that I picked up, and doing View B which has a banded bottom hem.

And only because goddamit I love leggings.. here are the Sloan leggings by Hey June. It’s actually no surprise my love for Hey June patterns.. I believe you can find them in the archives all of the past stuff I’ve made. What I love about the Sloane leggings, apart from the spot on fit, is the yoga band and the option for hidden pockets (pretty handy for storing metro cards, for when you want to take the train back home after a run).


If you recognize the sunflowers.. this fabric (cotton/spandex blend) I found somewhere in the fabric district and is the same one AA used for their leggings. I love being a copycat.

Have you guys checked out everyone else on the tour? If not, you better start clicking on links and go drool on some beautiful garments by my fellow seamstresses:

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Probably a good idea to put this too but Disclaimer: The patterns in this post were provided to me free of charge for participating in the Indiesew Fall Collection Blog Tour but, as always, the thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

It’s my party we can sew what we want


Let’s get it started in here… let’s ok I’ll stop. But really, have you heard? I’m sure if you follow me on insta I must’ve made you sick already with teasers. The Sewing Party has relaunched as a fantastic platform to connect with other likeminded folks. They’re featuring tutorials, stories, and most importantly a forum to be able to discuss all sewing things to your hearts content. Do you want to read about the development of my collection? Well you’re in luck, because I’ll be writing the process from start to finish at The Sewing Party. The first installment is live and you can read all about it here. So put on your party dress and your dancing shoes and hop on over to join the party!

Double Mesa


IMG_1699 copy

Don’t ask me why I felt like I needed Seamworkmag’s Mesa pattern because honestly there’s no rhyme or reason in my thought process sometimes. Call me lazy, but why not take an already existing pattern instead of having to go draft something on your own. ¯\_(?)_/¯ Add the cost of the subscription and why the hell not? Truth be told, I’m kinda glad I purchased it because I can tweak it as a block to other types of dresses.

IMG_1700 copy

My first one, let’s call it a wearable muslin, fits a bit like an slightly oversized tee in the waist, which was what I was hoping for. There’s a bit of pooling in the back that kinda sorta is fixed with a belt. For my first try I omitted the neckline instead opting to serge, turn under once and finish with a zig-zag stitch. I’ve worn it around a few times around the city and the dress is comfortable AF. I’ve even biked on it and no lady parts have been on display. The fabric could be modal, i’m not entirely sure what I get whenever I go to Trumart.

IMG_1696 copy




Now for my piece du resistance. A few weeks ago, on a trip to Spandex house, there was this floral medium weight neoprene knit that somehow found it’s way from the cutting table to my shopping bag. Given it’s stiffer nature, I had intended to use for a circle skirt inspired by A pair and a spare’s scuba skirt, but then opted to test out a second mesa dress this time with a midriff cut out.  Tadaaaaa, you didn’t see that coming did ya.



I decided to create a cutout on the front to break up all the floral repetition. It could probably use hidden elastic to keep it a bit snug, but so far it hasn’t stretched out that bad; I had forgotten how neoprene likes to mold itself.  This version does have a neckband, that was then top-stitched down; to avoid pooling in the back I took in about an inch at both sides. (I started with a small to be on the safe side.) Look, I’m really digging this dress. I’ll probably wear it out everywhere and be known as the girl that always wears that flower dress.


here’s a gratuitous of my butt, because why not?

Excuse me while I go feel my look.

Holly, Holly, Holly



There’s a ton of beautiful Holly Jumpsuits on the web, but I had yet to see someone make up the pants. That was until I saw Jo’s pair, who inspired me to make my own. Usually before cutting into fabric, I like to peruse the net to see how it looks on other folks and then kind of weigh in if I’ll make it or not. Like Murphy’s law of muslins.. whenever I do one it turns out that I didn’t have to un the first place. To be on the safe side, since I was cutting into silk wool, I made a quick size 4 muslin shorts to gauge the crotch depth.


Construction wise there’s not much to say. Two pleats in the back and an invisible zipper with tiny waistband, made the pants easy from start to finish. I have no idea how long it took, since they were done ages ago but it was in one sitting.

I decided to show off different kind of looks using the Holly pants, since they’re obviously meant to dress up and down and whatever in between.


My first look is a little more laid back and 90’s ish with my crop top and slip on vans. The second look would be more business casual, and the third is a little bit more experimenting with color and textures, since I paired it with a chunky sweater and platforms, and accentuated it with a green belt.


love-lola-holly-pants-by-hand-london_0249 love-lola-holly-pants-by-hand-london_0250  love-lola-holly-pants-by-hand-london_0270

love-lola-holly-pants-by-hand-london_0278 love-lola-holly-pants-by-hand-london_0255    love-lola-holly-pants-by-hand-london_0266

Sisterhood of Traveling Fabric & other updates


A lack of posting between my last entry and this one would lead anyone to believe that I’ve been rather lazy, which is somewhat true. There’s not much going on sewing wise because I haven’t made anything post worthy and the weather hasn’t cooperated for me to photograph whatever has been made. However, I have been given a really great opportunity that has kept me both busy and freaking the eff out. I was asked to volunteer to the assistant Director/Producer of Brooklyn Fashion Week for S/S 15 which is happening in spring. It’s entirely exciting, because ever since I saw Kell on Earth, I’ve been dreaming about what exactly goes on production wise to put together a fashion show. I’ll be helping oversee everything from model calls, assigning models and stylists to each designer. The even bigger excitement is that the Producer has given me a spot to show a small collection for the September show! Even though the looks are only 10-12 max, there’s so much work I have to do, and I’m trying not to freak out! ha!

I’ve narrowed down my story and inspiration, but I’m still researching color scheme, fabrics, and trends. Trend forecasting is probably the hardest thing I have to do, given that we’re talking about showcasing in September what will in style for spring/summer of 2016 (eep!) Regardless, it’s a tremendous opportunity which I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. That said, it may mean that I may go off the grid or post a little less than usual, but I may decide to document my process on my blog as well.

On to the name of this post. For a while now, I’ve been trading fabrics with some wonderful people. It started with Maddie and the plaid I turned into a Mcqueen inspired skirt, and then Jen of course enticed me with Lamè (of course she would, she’s fabulous like that), and of course my lovely Jo sent over such lovely fabrics from across the pond. A few people have asked me, what is this sisterhood of fabric that I had been posting on my instagram, and how they could also be sisters as well.

There’s really no rules, well just one. You find yourself a sister, and then mail each other fabrics with the promise of not hoarding it and making something as equally as wonderful as the person that sent it to you. You can team up with anyone on my comments section or choose someone you’ve been wanting to get to know.. No deadlines, no fuss. Basically how I like to get my ish done. If you’re feeling extra fancy I made a little banner thingy that you can either save or embed on your sidebar and be a part of the sisterhood. Once your goods arrive, tag your stuff with #sisterhoodoffabrics so we can all indulge in your goods.

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