flannel scout tee

Flannel Scout Tee


ahhh you guyyyyyyys! So I ended up getting horribly sick, couldn’t get out of bed all week. After finally feeling better I went to PS Fabrics to get something heavy weight fabric to make this utility jacket that I’ve been wanting to make since forever. Of course, every time I walk into this store I ended up geting waaaaay more stuff than I had anticipated. Seriously though, it’s like this whole place is a bargain-o-rama. Left some yarn and needles to teach myself how to knit, since clearly the whole No clothes for a year thing wasn’t thought out properly and this means no sweaters either. There was this cozy flannel on the clearance bin, and c’mon, who can skip clearance bin gems. I thought about what I wanted to make with this… some cozy pajama pants? nahh.. another scout tee? Well, excuse me if I do.

I decided to finish it with binding instead of a facing like my last (again checkered) scout. While very entertained watching tv, I didn’t realize I sewed the bias tape with right sides but instead of opening the flap I left it closed.

I didn’t want to unpick and re do, because I’m eternally lazy, but also because this person is all about sewing instant gratification, so i just left as is, closed the flap that wasn’t sewn against the sewn piece.. turned over to the inside and sewed.. no raw edges came poking out.

I drew an image for better reference. Excuse my illustrator freehand.

bias tape facing

As you can see in the first illustration, the bias tape was left folded and sewn at the top. (it’s double fold tape).

I like the way it came out.. it feels more like single fold bias tape than double, and less work actually. Most importantly there’s no bulk. What I did learn this time around is to gently stretch the bias tape over the neck opening to ensure my neck binding laid flat.