October 26, 2013 1

OPP (Other People’s Patterns)

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Reading other people’s posts about vintage patterns they’ve purchased and wondering who bought them, for what reason, and the story behind them always gets me thinking. However it wasn’t until last night that I experienced this first hand. I bought a 70′s vintage dress pattern for the costume I’m making and “Nancy” left me with some memorabilia inside the pattern envelope. Counting the pattern pieces, I found myself with newspaper clippings from the 70′s. Immediately thinking how cool, that I get to have a piece of the 70′s with me. Other cool things I realized is that “Nancy”, as like myself, wasn’t particularly interested in using the ruffle piece of the dress, hence it not being cutout. I’m going to assume that the newspaper clippings were for self drafted modifications, seeming that they look like pattern pieces from the dress. So, thank you Nancy.. for the newspaper clippings. It’s always neat to find nice surprises.

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Obligatory kitty pics since she looked so cute and cuddly.

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    Posts like these are the reasons I love opening my vintage patterns. Also, love the blog. Great taste in fabric.

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