Palos Verdes Blouse Challenge : Wayfarer


A few weeks before the holiday season set in, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the six participants in the Palos Verdes Challenge on SewMamaSew. Cloud9 came out with a wonderful collection of organic cotton voiles.. and my oh my are they beautiful. But the pictures can never do them justice. When my package arrived, I was more than pleased with my choice of the Wayfarers print. A lovely chevronesque pattern in an orangey hue, which works great for the trying to stay away from black and neutral colors thing I have going on… I have never really sewn with cotton voile and it’s so light and crispy. 


I was contemplating between the Tova blouse and an Archer, but with the stripes and thin material I thought the Tova blouse would hold up better and I think I was right! With 4 yards I could’ve chosen to opt for the dress, but since this was a blouse challenge, I went for the shorter version. Although if I wasn’t so lazy I could’ve found an in between length and created a tunic instead. (oh, the struggles)..

There’s a step on this blouse that has you stabilize the bottom bib part and clip the corners in order to be able to attach the bottom part to the top bib, but I worked around that differently. Usually it’s something I can get away with if I’m using light cottons or any fabric that’s crisp and will stay folded when ironed. I turned the seam allowance on the top part of the shirt in and then placed it on top of the bottom piece and matched the seam allowances that way, followed by top stitching. It saves me the trouble of having to sandwich all that in and still get some wonky seams.


I also like to pin in a really weird way.. I call it pinning to my own drum (or sewing machine, or whatever).

However when I got to the sleeves, I was cursing this blouse for having so much ease. Usually I like to get lazy on this part and omit basting for ease, but I decided to actually follow through with this step and it made it a lot better.. even though I’m still cursing all that ease on the sleeve. why?! But why so much ease?! ITS NOT GOING TO FIT!!


Contrast detailing

It actually did. Now the only part that I’m upset about is that instead of using 3/8th seam allowance like the instructions said and I somehow managed to overlook.. I sewed the blouse with a 5/8 allowance and it ended up being quite snug. I can always add a gusset later on so it’s not so tight on my boobs… but it is that time of the month so I’ll check it in a few days and maybe my boobies won’t be bursting the seams.

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lovelola-palosverde-sewingchallenge7 lovelola-palosverde-sewingchallenge4

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I received the fabric for this challenge free of charge, courtesy of Cloud 9 Fabrics. I did not receive any other compensation for this post.

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